What are you made of?

Come and get an advanced scientific impedance body scan with your own personalized results. When you measure your weight on a normal scale, or do the standard BMI (body mass index), what are you actually seeing? Weight alone from a scale is a poor indicator of health because it does not distinguish fat from muscle.

A normal scale or BMI will not tell you if the weight you lost is truly fat or if you lost significant muscle also. Don’t start a new diet or weight training program without getting a starting point scan. The scan results printout and phone report will tell you how much muscle and fat you have presently and how much you need to gain or lose based on your age, sex, and height. Then later, after you have begun a new healthy lifestyle, come back and scan again to see if your diet or new fitness program is giving you the results you are wanting.

An InBody 570 scan is a very smart investment in your health to help you learn what your body is composed of. Information is always the best way to make wise decisions and your health is one of the most important possessions you have in this life.

The Gym Inc. makes it easy for everyone to come and get a scan. Anyone in the public can come get an InBody Scan, even non-members.

So if you want to see how your new diet or fitness program is working or if you need a starting point scan, stop by 207 East Kemp Ave in Downtown Watertown and find out what you are made of.

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