Gym Amenities

Gym Amenities

Available to all gym members and day pass users!
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FAR Infrared Saunas

Detox our bodies? We all need to do it. At the Gym Inc. in Watertown, SD , you get 24 Hour use of all 3 of our saunas. This service is included in all gym memberships & day passes.

Our Saunas can help with the following:

  • Detoxification
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Muscle aches, arthritis, and joint relief
  • Weight loss and calorie burning
  • Increased metabolism
  • Immune system support
  • Skin conditions
  • Heart health
  • Appearance of cellulite
  • Diabetes support

As always this service is FREE with all gym memberships or a day pass!

Cardio Equipment

We offer a wide variety of cardio machines including:

  • Ellipticals
  • Treadmills
  • Stair steppers
  • Stationary bikes

Fitness on Demand

Get 24/7 access to 100's of online instructor led fitness classes. Fitness on Demand is available with all gym memberships and day passes.

Inversion Table

Inversion therapy is meant of reverse the effect of gravity on the body. Gravity causes muscles, joints, and bones of the back to compress the spine over time, contributing to chronic back pain. Inversion therapy can help to decompress the spine and relieve some of this pain.

Free Weights

We offer full sets of free weights so everyone from someone just starting out to extreme strength trainers can use them.

Cross Training Equipment

We offer a variety of cross training equipment including:

  • Medicine Balls
  • Training Ropes
  • Rowing Machine
  • Suspension Training

Cybex Eagle Selectorized Strength Equipment

Cybex machines are great for all levels of fitness. They are built to withstand extreme workouts, but are gentle on the joints.

Extensive Quality Lifting Equipment

We offer a variety of lifting equipment including:

  • Free Weights
  • Power Rack
  • Chest Press Machine
  • Pec Deck Machine
  • Lat Pulldown Machine
  • Leg Extension Machine
  • Leg Curl Machine


We offer 24/7 tanning with all memberships and day passes.

Group Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of group fitness classes including:

  • Incinerate - TABATA
  • ABC - Arms-Butt-Core
  • Retro Burn
  • TNT - Tight N' Tone Circuit
  • Pandora's Box

Classes are free for member, but are open to non-members as well!

Locker Rooms & Private Showers

We offer locker rooms and private showers for your convenience at the gym.

Towel Service

Towels are available throughout the facility. Whether you're working up a sweat or sweating it out in the sauna, we've got you covered!

Members Only Amenities

Included in gym memberships
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24 Hour Access

Work out on your own time! The Gym is open 24/7, so no matter your schedule, you can always get in a work out, enjoy the sauna, or work on your tan.

Discounts on Nutritional Supplements, Proteins, & Smoothies

Gym members get exclusive discounts at the Peak Performance Nutrition Store. Our store sells nutritional items including:

  • Pre and Post Workout Drinks
  • Meal Replacement Nutritional Smoothies
  • Vitamins
  • Proteins
  • Health Supplements

Red Light Therapy

Included only with a Premium Membership package.

  • You will receive a 15 minute massage every 24 hour period, per person.
  • For Day Pass users the fee will be $10.00 for the day pass + $5.00 for Hydro Massage.
  • All massages will be pre-programed for 15 minutes. User can stop the massage at any time during the massage.
  • The on-board computer system will have your access code loaded allowing you to use Hydro Massage 24/7.

Lock in Current Rates

Get your membership today and lock in your monthly rate!

Hydro Massage

Included only with a Premium Membership package.

  • You will receive a session up to 20 minutes every 24 hour period, per person.
  • For Day Pass users the fee will be $10.00 for the day pass + $5.00 for Red Light Therapy.
  • User controls the length of time from 1 minute to 20 minutes.
  • Controlled access, your facility access code will get you access to the redlight room.

Challenges, Contests, & Weekly Prize Drawings

We always want to encourage you to be the best you can be. Take part in our fun incentives to help you work your hardest.

Personal Trainers

Sometimes you need a little help and encouragement when you work out. Our personal trainers work hard to help you reach your goals.

  • Carla Kauffman
  • Craig Schake
  • Rex Gerber

Learn more about our personal trainers.

Add-On Amenities

Available for additional fees
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InBody - Body Composition Analyzer

Members get a discount on In Body Composition Analyzer gym services!

Members: 1st Scan = $10 & every following scan is just $5 each.

Non-Members: $15 per scan.

It's the lowest cost for this service in Watertown, SD.