Group Fitness Classes

Call 605-753-5600 or stop at the front desk to sign up.

Welcome from Melissa

I want to help you on your fitness journey at whatever stage you are at. All fitness levels are welcome & all classes can be adjusted to fit you. Don't sit life out come have fun & get healthy with me as we support each other. There is no judgment here, just support, friendship and lots of encouragement.

Call 753-5600 or Facebook Message to sign up.

Life is a gift and we will continue to live it up.

Classes Offered at a Discounted Rate to Gym Members!


Non-Members of The Gym are also welcome to attend our classes. 

8 Week Summer Shred is scheduled to begin on 3/18/24.

For questions on pricing, class times, and how to sign up, Stop by the Front Desk or Call 605-753-5600! 


Group Fitness Classes

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