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Emily Doblar


Emily has been a fitness and nutrition enthusiast for as long as she can remember. Her experience ranges from competitive high school and college cheerleading, to running a half-marathon to training for a fitness competition and stepping on stage in an NPC bikini show. Emily graduated from SDSU with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education, and has taught preschool and worked with Farm to School initiatives. Throughout that time, she also received her personal training and nutrition certification from the National Personal Training Institute in Phoenix, AZ and has been training clients in Wisconsin, where she resided until recently. Relocating back to her hometown of Watertown, SD, Emily has made her way into The Gym, Inc. to share with others her training knowledge and love of fitness. 

She believes in the power of women being able to learn and implement weight training into their workouts, and she aims to help them with the skills and confidence to do so.  “Work on yourself and the rest will follow,” is one of Emily’s life mottos, and it all starts with exercise! No two workouts will be the same when you train with Emily. Her ability to utilize her creativity while designing individual workouts with a variety of equipment is something Emily prides herself on.

When she’s not at the gym, Emily enjoys working her online skincare business, Rodan+Fields, learning and playing acoustic guitar, spending time with friends and family and listening to Podcasts. 

Emily instructs group fitness classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings, so  you won’t want to miss it.  Sign up for Upper Body Blast and Lower Body Core and More…  here 


Amanda Ulmer

Amanda Ulmer is a Certified Personal Trainer at The Gym Inc.  

Amanda is a long time member of The Gym Inc. and has recently become certified with NASM, The National Academy of Sports Medicine.  She is also a student pursuing her Masters in Counseling.  Currently she is working on her internship in Counseling. But her most important role is being a devoted Mom to two terrific kids.  

Amanda is an avid runner and athlete.  With her love of running, She competes in many  full and half Marathons.  She is also an active member of the Watertown Running Club.

Through her love of being active physically, Amanda keeps others motivated to give their best efforts in life.  Her training focuses on being active physically, eating a healthy diet and growing social suppoorts and interactions to stay healthy not only physically, but also mentally.  With her training in Counseling, Amanda is skilled in helping you to see how your attitudes and thoughts can either help or hurt your progress in acheiving a healthy lifestyle. 

 She will help you with setting up training and nutritional eating plans, and give you the action plan, encouragement and knowledge you need to start reaching your fitness and life goals.   She wants to help others succeed.


Amanda loves this quote from Deborah Day:  Together we can help each other. “Encourage, lift, and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all. For we are all connected, one and all”-Deborah Day

Amanda is ready to help you be a better you at The Gym Inc. !


Personal Training at The Gym In Watertown SD your local 24/7 fitness center.  Rex Gerber training

Rex Gerber

Rex has been a member of the Gym Inc. since he started his fitness journey 14 years ago.  He  walked into The Gym Inc. when he was 35 years old, overweight and in need of physical improvement.  Lacking knowledge on nutrition, eating habits and training technique, he made a lot of the common mistakes that most people encounter when just starting out.  These mistakes led to slow progress, injuries and a poor body composition.  He did lose weight, but became “skinny fat”.  Meaning that his muscle tone needed lots of improvement in spite of having lost 62 pounds.   

Rex then hired a personal trainer at The Gym Inc. to get started training smarter.   After much hard work and learning proper training techniques, Rex has exceled at his fitness goals, and now wants to share his knowledge with others.

Since Rex has experienced first-hand what a poorly planned or no training program can result in, he will help you achieve your goals without making the same mistakes he made himself when starting out.   Rex knows that proper nutrition, personalized direction and creating a well-planned out training program with a personal trainer can get you the best start in fitness possible.

He understands that walking into the gym for the first time not knowing where or how to start can be very intimidating and overwhelming for some people.  Rex would like to help you get past that and make fitness an enjoyable and important part of your life.  Truly caring about others, Rex freely admits he can look intimidating to some people, with his on and off again beard and biker fashion style, but once you talk with him, you will understand his genuinely helpful and friendly characteristics.  

 “You just can’t help but like Rex.”  (Quote from a Rex Gerber fan)

Rex is certified by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and is currently working on his ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Training Certification also.  In addition, he is certified in CPR/AED.

Born and raised in the Watertown area and he has lived here his entire life.  Hunting, fishing and riding motorcycle are hobbies in his free time.

Rex believes that no matter what your age, weight, body type or training experience, your goals can be achieved with the right training and knowledge.  It is never too late or early to start working on those goals.