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You don’t have to be a member of The Gym Inc. to visit Smoothie Plus Nutrition Store, we are open to the public during staffed hours. The retail store is located right next to The Gym Inc. directly to the west at 203 E. Kemp Ave at a separate door entrance.

Open to the public during staffed hours in Watertown SD. Click here for our staffed hours.

We are more than just smoothies we are a full-line Nutrition Store!

Supplement & Vitamin Shop

Come in and talk with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We want to educate you on nutrition and health, not just sell you stuff.

We offer a wide variety of nutritional items for everyone, our line-up includes supplements, vitamins, proteins, immunity and hormonal helps, diet and weight loss aids, sports nutrition, muscle and body building products, healthy snacks, and so much more for your nutrition, health, and wellness needs.

From general health, to sports nutrition, to healthy snacks and drinks, we have something for everyone.

Stop by Smoothie Plus Nutrition Store in Watertown SD to find for all your supplements, health and wellness products. While here you can get a Protein Smoothie, a Pre Workout or Post Workout Drink or a delicious Meal replacement Shake made to order for you to take with you.

No other 24 hour fitness gym in Watertown offers more!

Members of The Gym Inc. Receive a Discount on all Smoothie Plus Nutrition Store Products!

Nutrition Store

Open to anyone in the public located right next to The Gym Inc. with a separate entrance just to the west at 203 E Kemp Ave.

We do lots of research to bring you the highest quality and best performing supplements and vitamins available.

All our products are high quality and properly dosed, to actually work and give you the best benefits.

All of our nutrition products feature a fully transparent nutrition label, so you know exactly what you are getting and what you are putting into your body.

Our products are manufactured in cGMP facilities and are 3rd party tested for quality and purity.

We carry unique brands that you won’t find anywhere else  in our area.

From general health, to sports nutrition, to healthy snacks and drinks, we have something for everyone.  Why pay shipping, when you can pick it up today, right here at your local nutrition store in downtown Watertown, SD.

Nutrtion Store Watertown SD

We Carry Quality Name Brands

Find creatines, EAA& BCAA Aminos, glutamines and all types of protein, including plant based.  We carry vitamins, diet pills, joint health, many collagens, hormone support, immunity and wellness products.  Don’t forget all the  muscle building and body building products for athletes and those wanting to build or maintain muscles and get toned muscles and body definition.

Check out all we offer in nationally known unique brands that are hard to find just anywhere.

  • Alani Nu
  • Ax Water-Aronia Berries
  • BSN
  • Charlotte’s Web Hemp Gummies
  • Dymatize 
  • Flyte Nutrition
  • Fokken Nuts-Spreads
  • GAT Sport
  • Ghost Drinks
  • Granite Supplements
  • Larry & Lennie’s
  • Max Muscle Sports Nutrition
  • NLA for Her
  • NutraBio
  • Naturliga
  • ON (Optimum Nutrition)
  • One Bars
  • Outright Bars
  • RedCon 1
  • Titan Nutrition
  • Quest

Name Brands We Carry

Smoothie Shop

Stop by or call us at Smoothie Plus Nutrition Store  in Downtown Watertown SD, to shop for all your supplements and nutrition products. 

While here you can get an Energy Drink, a Protein Smoothie, a Pre Workout or Post Workout Drink or a delicious Meal Replacement Shake made to order for you to take with you.  

Our Smoothies are not only low in sugar but are low carb to help you stay on your keto or other eating diet plans.   Our flavors of Smoothies range from delicious fruit flavors, to creamy chocolate and peanut butter flavors.

Need a quick meal to go? Our Meal Replacement Shakes can give you a quick healthy lunch when you are in a hurry.

Also you can grab healthy snacks, ready to drink energy drinks and protein bars to help you get through to your next meal. 

We want to help you “Be A Better You”   

Check out what this blogger had to say about us:  Click to this link @ Best Things South Dakota to read it!


Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight

SKULPT Collagen Peptides

MAX SKULPT is a bioactive collagen protein peptides to support overall body composition, hair, skin, nails, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood vessels and other connective tissues in the body. MAX SKULPT contains the efficacious and clinically verified dose of 15g of collagen peptides per serving. MAX SKULPT contains concentrated & highly bioavailable Type 1 & Type 3 collagen for optimizing body toning and anti-aging benefits and comes in variety of natural and delicious flavors!