Look at these Fat Burners without the Stimulants!

There is no single “magic pill” to solve your weight problems. So don’t believe all the marketing hype out there. However, there are plenty of natural solutions that can help you burn more fat when combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. We will discuss 2 products available at Smoothie Plus Nutrition Store here:

1. CLA

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) specially modified from safflower oil. CLA is the fat component of the cell membrane, and contrary to what your first reaction is, you have to have fat to get fit! Our brands available presently are Max CLA, GAT CLA 1250 and Her CLA by NLA.

CLA comes from foods like dairy products and meats, but modern food processing methods have dramatically decreased the CLA naturally found in our diets. The American fad of low fat foods also contributes to the problem.

Bill Gottlieb, co-author with Harry Preuss, MD, of The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy, says CLA is one of the most effective weight loss supplements. “Without any change in diet or exercise, studies show you lose approximately four pounds of fat and gain four pounds of muscle [in 12 weeks] – that’s remarkable. Plus, if you do go on a diet, research shows CLA can help reduce the lethargy and depression many people experience while dieting.”

Clinical research published in the Journal of Nutrition demonstrated that taking 3.5 grams of CLA contributed to lipolysis (breaking up the fat in fat cells into fatty acids) along with the breakdown of stored fat in skeletal muscle. CLA actually promotes lean body mass.

For those with thyroid issues, Mary Shomon, NY Times Best-selling author and patient advocate for hypothyroidism, points out that CLA may be a great resource for those who cannot exercise vigorously but often struggle with weight issues. In her column on About.com, Shomon has a whole list of extra reasons why CLA is a great alternative, including immune system support, enhanced muscle growth and better cholesterol balance.

2. L-Carnitine

Another resource for fat burning either for weight loss or for added fuel for your muscles while working out is Max LiquiCarn, comprised of l-Carnitine. It has 3 great tasting flavors too! Athletes have long been using l-Carnitine to delay the onset of fatigue during workouts and competition, but l-Carnitine is essential to fat burning also. Max LiquiCarn provides a fast-acting, more bioavailable form for quicker results. It is a Liquid-based Fat Burning Optimizer.

Most Common Uses of L-Carnitine

Increased Energy and Fat Burning

Simply stated, L-carnitine is a nutrient that helps the body turn fat into energy. L-carnitine is absolutely essential for all fat metabolism to take place in the cells of the body. Some studies show that oral supplementation of L-carnitine may reduce fat mass, increase muscle mass and increase energy levels. Studies also show that high doses of L-carnitine may be tied to increased lipolysis in adipose tissue (meaning increased burning of stored fat). Just what we all want right!

Elevated Exercise Performance and Recovery

L-carnitine can elevate exercise performance in everyone from those with cardiovascular disease to healthy adults to athletes. L-carnitine improves exercise intensity and duration and has been shown to lower levels of blood lactic acid and free fatty acids in the muscle after exercise, thus improving recovery time. Even non-athletes showed improved cardiovascular function and a more rapid return of heart rate to the normal resting rate after exercise.

With our CLA & L-Carnitine products at Smoothie Plus Nutrition Store in Watertown, SD: Max CLA, GAT CLA 1250 and Her CLA by NLA, and our Max LiquiCarn, it’s easy to get natural Fat Burning results! Stop by and we can help you start burning fat without the burn of those high stimulant fat burners.

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