Far Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss

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Did you know that adding consistent far infrared sauna use to your fitness program will help you burn more calories than with exercise alone? 


Far infrared sauna heat waves raise your body’s core temperature from deep inside. This helps infrared sauna users to feel a sort of rejuvenation at the end of a sauna session because these heat rays are believed to assist in better blood circulation, deeper relaxation, and detoxification.


When you are producing sweat, your body is expending extra energy. This causes your basal metabolic rate to rise and can keep your metabolism increased far beyond your session. This means that the infrared sauna burns more calories than if you were to work out only. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4295591/


Some studies show that infrared saunas burn calories at about 600 calories per hour and can even keep your heart rate elevated for the 30 minutes following the session. During a far infrared sauna therapy session your body’s core temperature increases and makes your body work that much harder to cool itself down which causes a substantial increase in sweat and also increases blood flow and heart rate. This raises your metabolic rate, assisting in weight loss and additional caloric burn. Who doesn’t like that?


Probably the most obvious way that a sauna can help with weight loss is by water weight alone. At any certain time our bodies can hold up to five pounds of water weight. By sweating in any way, whether through exercise or sweating it out in a sauna, you will be able to shed some of those pounds. However, be aware that water weight is easy to lose and easy to gain, and ought not to be something you worry about. Generally, you will gain any water weight lost as soon as you hydrate yourself, which is something that should be done before, during and after every single sauna session.


When you begin using the Far Infrared Saunas here at The Gym Inc. you will be increasing your metabolism, but in addition to that, you will also be detoxifying your body of lactic acid build up from your workout, and toxic chemicals and substances from our environment. Saunas also improve your immune function and relieve muscular pain and tension.


Our Saunas are included at no cost for all memberships and day passes and are available for you to use 24 hour, 7 days per week. 

Stop by and find out how to add this healthy practice to your fitness regime today. 

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