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Made to Go Smoothies & Protein Powders

Helping to Combat an Unbalanced Diet

You may struggle with eating healthy.   With our hectic lifestyles, we are constantly on the go and not able to eat a balanced diet.  You may find that you grab sugary carbs, soft drinks or that fast food burger, just to get through your day.  But you may find that you could be causing nutritional deficiencies by these quick fixes.   In order to offset this lack of good nutrients, you may want to consider incorporating a protein shake in your diet.

With all the varied types, flavors and brands of protein powders available at Smoothie Plus Nutrition Store, you will surely find a delicious powder to mix a quick shake at home before work or during your lunch break.  It’s quick and easy to shake up and you can take it on-the-go.

However, if you prefer to have a protein Smoothie made especially for you, stop by Smoothie Plus Nutrition Store and we can mix up an icy delicious good for you treat, that you will crave.  Just look at these satisfying flavors we create here:  Snickers, Toffee Macchiato, Berry Good, Strawlada Swing and of course a crowd favorite the Funky Money.   Low in sugar and calories, we help you to get some extra nutrition into your day.  Try a meal replacement like the Lite & Lean or the Locomotive.  These are sure to hold you over to your next whole food meal and keep your muscles strong.

Another great thing is that you can add a variety of ingredients, like greens, liquid vitamins, aronia berry juice, creatine, glutamine, peanut butter or PB2 and more to give you even more nutritional punch to your day.     Come in today during our staffed hours and let us help you create a wholesome, satiating and healthy to go smoothie.

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