Compete Against Yourself

I am training a female client who consistently PR’s (Personal Record) the majority of the challenges given to her.  It is so exciting to see her put all her effort into beating her weight and reps from the last personal training session.  She is growing in strength and looking more lean and defined.   What makes her tick?  Why does she seem so motivated to beat her last record? 

During a training session one day, we discussed this.  Reflecting, my client explained how during high school, she never excelled beyond ordinary in athletics and or with academics.  She was basically an Average Joe.  During most of her life there was always someone better at sports, academics, or in the workplace and it produced discouraging feelings of never being good enough.

I wanted to know why she strived so to train so aggressively now.  

After thinking a bit, my client stated that “improving my body and working on my physical strength is an individual thing.  I can only look at myself and know within my heart if I did my best.  I then feel more successful and positive, knowing I put forth my best effort to complete that exercise.  That exercise I’m doing right now becomes a kind of mini goal; that is attainable immediately.  It also helps to think about feeling and looking better in the future, as I presently struggle thru a difficult lift!” 

As a personal trainer, I encourage my clients to start today where they are at right now. Set your goal and make a plan of action to achieve it, even if it is in small steps.  There’s no competition except within you.   Being a champion doesn’t mean always getting the trophy, but giving all you’ve got to reach your goal.  Even if that goal is a micro goal of right now, such as just finishing the reps on that last set of the night.   It’s the process of personal growth that’s really important and what you prove to yourself, not what you prove to others.

So get out there and compete against yourself.  The satisfaction of doing your best is a great way to grow in confidence and strength.   You can do this! 

Carla Kauffman, NASM Certified Personal Trainer at The Gym Inc. and is certified in Nutrition and also in Weight Loss Specializations through NASM as well.

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